01. Oh ! Hello

Yes i know that picture has nothing to do with the newsletter but I was super proud of my pancakes so...

Hi ! Welcome on this blog and... on my first newsletter I guess ?


But.. Maybe the first thing I need to do before anything is to introduce myself, right ?


My name is Maud and I'm freelance illustrator living in France. My favorite themes are animal and nature and sometimes food too, but I'm more into pastries and sweetened food. Annnd now I feel like I'm 8 years old and presenting myself in front of a class. 


I know that writing a blog may seems a little bit out of time, everyone now has there own youtube channel and vlog a lot. To be honest, I would like to vlog too but I guess I'm more a writer than a talker and my english is not that good. But that's all right ! Maybe I will work on a sort of vlog that suits me better and I hope I will be able to share with you all I want to.

And please forgive my typos, I do my best, I promise.


Here I would love to share my process for illustration but also write about what it is like to be a freelance illustrator, share experiences etc... Let say that I'm a little bit of a beginner in this job and in blogging so it's a big step for me ! I don't really know how am I going to organize everything, I feel kind of lost. So many things to do, to share and I actually don't know where to start. But I guess it's part of the game and I will learn as I go !


By the way, if you don't know my work, which is absolutely ok since I'm pretty new around here, you can check my instagram or my twitter ! You will find a bit more illustration content if you want more pictures and less talk ;) ! I even opened a tumblr (yay!) but it's fairly new, and the content is pretty the same than on the others social media. 

As it is my first newsletter, I'd like to talk a little bit about what I want to share with you. I admit that my schedule isn't really fixed yet but I have ideas for some content. And that's the moment when my brain choose to froze and I can't remember anything... Let me check my notes. 


Yes. So at the moment I'm working on a lot of little things. I am planning to do merchandises to sell at shows in France. As I'm starting from scratches, I have to develop a whole line of products, and that my friend, is going to take a while !


For now I'm starting with stickers. And I want to make them myself so I ordered a machine that will come.. mmm at the end of June I think. I'm very excited about it and freaking scared at the same time. But I am planning to share with you the whole process for the stickers creation and I think that could be interesting.

This little potato enjoying beautiful days, on the carpet, yes. By the way, it's Bandit. I didn't chose his name but trust me, it's suits perfectly !

  • Blue Planet II on Netflix. I'm know I'm so late to the party because this documentary is from... 2001 ? But I was truly amazed while watching it, plus the narrator, David Attenborough, is the most captivating. I highly recommend to watch it if, as me, you missed it earlier.
  • Lillen the Shire
  • Sense 8 on Netflix. I just finished it and I don't know what to tell you guys. I think this is my biggest regret concerning Netflix. I loved this show so freaking much ! And I feel super sad they cancelled it. Still I also feel grateful that we had the chance to have a proper final episode.
  • Another glorious cat

That's it guys ! I hope this blog will be interesting for you to read and I wish you a wonderful day !