02. Preparing an illustration festival

Hey guys ! I hope you're all doing well since last week. Personally, I have been very busy preparing an illustration festival for July. This is not my first one actually, I used to do some illustration fairs before my sudden change of "style" (but that's another story).


My main focus this week was to finish visuals for two stickers sheets I tried to print, but failed, so I will not have it in time for the fair (I'll show them soon), to cut the individual stickers that I ordered few weeks ago, update my portfolio, try to edit a vlog on Premiere Pro (again, it was a big fail...). Lot of disappointment lately... Anyway !


I still have some reasons to feel happy, like this print I just received with my baby goat and lambs design. I asked my printer to use a textured paper and the result is lovely ! I wanted to add a little bit more of a watercolor feeling and this paper is perfect for that purpose.


Also I have made this tiny video of my lynx sticker just because.. why not. I cut them all by hand because I have ordered them before buying the cutting machine (shtupid giiirl), which by the way, I received but didn't tested.. yet.

Is it something you may want to see more ? Little videos like this one ?

I am trying a lot of different things to make my merchandises and I would love to share my experiments with you. So as soon as I can, I think I am going to make a whole article about the experience that I had doing my stickers (sheets and individuals).


Also I want to make some more prints, which means new paintings. I should start working on it next week so you'll be able to see that in my next blog update.


Talking about my list of projects, I also want to open a shop but I've seen that Etsy is quite problematic right now so I have to do some research about the subject... 

And that's it because I didn't had time for a lot of things this week. Anyway, I wish you a wonderful end of week and I talk to you next Friday ! 

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