working on some breakfast illustrations

Hey ! How are you on this gorgeous Friday guys ? Wait. Let met get something to drink before I start writing this note.

OK ! Got it (vanilla soja milk, my favorite, in case you wonder).  Let's jump right into the subject, shall we !

You may think I am going to talk about stickers, because apparently it's all I can talk about lately, and you'll be right ! Because I finally finished my two stickers sheets project thingy... And here there are, just for you !

I have to admit that I can't wait to see them printed. I think it's one of the first time that I am that excited for something that I actually painted !

If you want you can see the illustration bigger in the portfolio section.

And I even experimented filming myself painting some of the illustrations. I really hope you'll like this tiny video because I just spend the afternoon listening to, at least, a billion songs, because I didn't knew what to pick, and it drove me nuts. But hey, no pressure !

More seriously, sorry about the short video but I filmed it with my phone and I think it's not the best for that purpose. But eventually, I'll get myself a camera I can use to film.

And that's it ! This is a very short update but I will catch up later for sure. By the way, I'll be at Paris next week for an illustration festival so there will be no newsletter, sorry about that. 


Anyway, I wish you a good Friday evening or Saturday morning, or whatever it is when you read this note (thank you for that) and talk to you next time ! Bye bye ♥ 

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