Why I totally changed my art style - PART 2

Good evening ! Or morning... or whatever it is when you read this.

Short intro today cause... I don't have anything else to say actually. So I am going to jump right into the subject ! 


Today I am talking about art style. Again, this is my personal experience, as I lived it, and what I think about it but it's not necessarily true for you.   

When I began my career as an artist, and even before (this sound like "yeah I totally have 50 years of experience behind me." Not really gurl.), the first question was "how to find an art style" ?


Because if you don't have any style, how are you going to find a job? If you're not original, how are you going to pop among all the amazing artists on this planet ?

I had a lot of trouble with it so I started to think about it a bit and I asked myself "What is a style ?" And I came to the conclusion that "style" is just your natural way to draw. Well not really. Maybe the word "identity" will suit more to what I mean. I'll talk more about this tomorrow.


Anyway, this identity, there is no need to seek for it. It is already here ! No one will naturally draw like you do, right ? Because everyone has its way to perceive things. It's a part of you, your history, your experiences in life, of what inspires you etc... 


But building your identity takes time, and work. As you evolve and grow in your life, it will grow with you. It's a perpetual evolution.



This way of thinking helped me a lot when I struggled with my art.

I also want to talk about something big when you're an artist by now: Social Media.


Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Artstation, Behance, Tumblr etc... All those platform full of amazing artists to follow and be inspired by. But this can be a source of pressure and stress. Because most of the time, you see artist who seem very comfortable with their art, very proactive etc... You don't see how much they can struggle, or the amount of work behind every piece of work.

And this can be very tricky and push you to ask questions about yourself.


I'm writing this because I felt like this. In some way, I wanted to have a community to share with, I wanted my part of success etc. Which, I think, is... human. You want your art to be recognized by others. 

But it leaded me to make art for bad reasons. I was not making illustration for me, but for others.


Such a vicious circle : I am doing art to please others, I am not satisfied, I keep changing style every two drawings because I am not confortable in what I do, I lose myself, still changing because not satisfied, don't like it etc... it's never ending !


In the end, it only led me to doubt about me, and ask myself how legit I was to make illustration.


Social Media can bring out the best or the worse in anyone, and you have to be extra careful about that. Don't burn yourself.


Personally, when I came to this thought, I made a big break with social media. It helped me to think about what I wanted to do with my life and my art. What were the reasons that first led me to do this job.

And I told myself I would come back to it when I would feel like it. And... it worked pretty well for me.


This big talk just to say a very simply thing. If you want to do art, do it for yourself, above all. And then if you want to share it with people, then please do !


And that's it for today guys ! I hope this is not too confusing. Sometimes I try to put words on my feelings and this is a very hard exercise.


I wish you a wonderful day/night. Talk to you tomorrow for the last part ! Love you x x x 

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