Why I totally changed my art style - PART 3

Hello ! I hope you're enjoying this Sunday as much as I am. Today we're finishing this 3 parts article. 


By reading the previous posts, you may have asked yourself "Hey, what's the point ? Where is she going with all this ?". Today my friends, you'll have all the answers !

We talked about a lot of things. Like how I was not sure to pursue my career as an illustrator for children's books, how uncomfortable I was with my art style. All those little things that make your future prospects a bit confusing.


Back in 2016 I've been contacted for a job. A big project with about 50 illustrations (which was a very huge challenge for me) for a recognition guide about birds (birds!). Very far from what I was usually working on ! They wanted a more realistic style so we could actually recognize the bird (no kidding!) but not photo realistic either.

This project was also for kids, but it was something they could learn from (I used to love that kind of books, as a child). I thought "Can I do that ? Man ! Of course I can !" Perfect project at the perfect time ! 

This job made me realize how big is the illustration's "universe". I felt so stuck in my own little domain that I didn't even thought that I could actually do something else ! This sounds so obvious right now but it wasn't at the time. I was like "Oh noes, I don't know how to do something else. If I get work propositions here, it's because I am good only for this domain. I will never be able to work in other areas". 



Let me tell you. This. Is. Crap ! If you want to work on something or for someone, there is no reason you can't. You have to work for it. 

Let's dig a bit further concerning this subject.


Remember when I talked about identity and style ? One of my friends told me one day that she thought "style" was just a tool. And I was like "Nahhhh. Style is the MOST important thing, you can't just call it a tool."

But I gave it a thought and... damn she was so right ! I mean, you can draw in a very specific style, but your identity will always be there. For example, I could draw Chihiro in Spirited Away's style from studio Ghibli. I could also draw Chihiro in Pokemon style. But there will always be a part of me inside of this drawing. 


In my case, this idea is very important. Because it allowed me to try this new style without the fear to lose myself.

I can do this "more realistic" style. Will I be comfortable with it ? I don't know but it's worth the try.

And if I am not cool with it, I can come back to another style. Because no matter the way I draw, it will always be me.


And guess what, it worked !


It gave me the time to make peace with my "other" style. And I know I will come back to it as soon as I feel it's ok. But maybe for something more personal and not professional in the beginning.  

And that's it guys... Yeah ! This is why and how my style changed so much.


This is a new start because I have to find new clients, building a new portfolio and it's super scary, I will not lie. I really hope it will work well but I feel good and confident about it.


We'll see what happens. Anyway, I hope it was an interesting experience to read. I wish you a wonderful Sunday and I talk to you next week. Bye bye ! x x x



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    Tarrlok (Sunday, 22 July 2018 22:12)

    Thank you for these 3 blog posts!
    The second one reminded me of art school where trying to do too much what the teachers wanted got me really bad results that were far behind everything I did just for myself. Also a conversation I had with a friend recently about how forcing yourself to do things different just for the sake of it doesn't work out.

    I see a lot ppl pushing the idea of developing having an own style but without saying that just as you say, your own style will evolve naturally, since it's also a reflection of all your individual influences, from famous artists everyone knows to close friends.

    I've noticed that just seeing a wide variety of styles and approaches alone changes your style naturally over time, also it makes you naturally try out new things without pressure. And if there's a wide variety it's easier to find a way to do things different than before because there are more options to test out and find what you're looking for.