03. Holidays + Thinking about opening a shop

Hello guys ! It's been a while since the last update ! The reason is simple : Holidays !

I hope you're all doing well. I am drinking coffee while writing because, believe it or not, it's not that hot anymore ! YAY !

Today this is just going to be a very simple newsletter to catch up a bit, nothing fancy.(well.. it's never fancy but let me believe it)

August is, for me, the month where I can spend some time with my family. You don't know but I live far away from them and I don't have many opportunities to see them during the year. 

So I spent last week with them in Annecy. Maybe you'll know this city because it's hosting International Animated Film Festival, once a year ?

Anyway I fell in love with the old town. It is so sweet, full of tiny houses and canals. I mean, look at how pretty it is ! (this is not me by the way, but a very good friend who came with me for two days)

Lovely, right ? I am not such a big photographer so I just have a few pictures. I wish I took more to show you.


Anyway, during the week, we also had time for a long walk in the forest. Of course I couldn't help myself to take a lot of pictures for references and everybody was waiting for me... At the beginning.

I also grabbed some tiny tiny pine cones ! For Christmas decoration. Who needs reasons to collect pine cones anyway.

We also visited a place named "Secret Gardens" (almost as the book from Frances Hodgson Burnett, one of my favorite story when I was a child. I've seen the movie at least 15 times and also read the book a lot).

This garden has everything to please me. The architecture takes a lot of its inspiration from Maure culture, among other ones. And this is something I absolutely love ! One of my biggest dream is to go to Granada to see the Alhambra and this place brought me a bit of it.

I had a great pleasure walking through those gardens, and the owners were absolutely lovely !

Those holidays felt like an island of peace in the middle of all everyday life's stress.

I admit that going back to work is quite hard, but now that August is almost finished, I am only waiting for one thing. Autumn

I've been thinking about it since few month now. As I am doing illustration fair type of events, I already have merchandise to sell so, hey, why not opening an online shop.

Though, I am still not quite sure about the platform where I want to open it. If you have experience with it, please feel free to share, I would love to hear about it.

I ordered new goodies this week and I can't wait to see them printed ! I think I will do a whole blog note about it, and the process for my stickers making.

As you know, this year, I changed my style which means new clients, which means "hey ! No work for you during months !". I haven't had any client work since January or so. Luckily, I managed to keep myself busy with my own projects and client prospecting, but trust me, it's been a very long time since I haven't worked "properly". I am happy that the "past me" saved money for that case.


Anyway ! I am happy to say that I have two big upcoming projects for September to November. And those two projects talk about insects and animals of the forest. How amazing it is ?! 

But considering the amount of illustrations I have to produce, I am not sure I will be able to post a lot of new drawings. Because these client projects are something I can't really talk about.

But be sure I'll do my best to produce other things like Halloween or Christmas things for the shop.

  • Anne with an E season 2 on Netflix
  • Wicked Game cover by London Grammar. I am literally obsessed with it.
  • The lemon cake recipe from my grandma. Perfect for breakfast with a cup of coffee !
  • Berserk by Kentaro Miura. My boyfriend bought the first two books last week, and since, we both can't stop reading it.

And that's it guys ! We should now go back to a normal schedule for entry publishing. Every Friday, maybe more if I have time and enough content !


Wish you a beautiful week-end. Talk to you next week ! x x x

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